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Headend Enclosure

For privacy, comfort, paging, audio and mass notification, Lencore i.NetHeadend offers clients the Engineered System Solution Enclosure. This packaged approach provides clients with an enclosure that houses all of the system’s head-end equipment completely preinstalled and wired. 

Typically installed in the Intermediate Distribution Frame (IDF), Main Distribution Frame (MDF), telephone or electrical closet, the enclosure is specified for inclusion with every Spectra i.Net ® and n.FORM™ sound masking, paging, audio and mass notification system. Customization to the system packages can be made based on the specific features and capabilities a client requires and the appropriate equipment installed in the enclosure.

The Engineered System Solution Enclosure packages are available in either wall mounted or rack mounted (3RU drawer option) for flexibility and ease of installation


Headend Enclosure Data Sheet