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Loud Voice Speaker Arrays

As part of Lencore's n.Form system, MagnaCast and OmniCast speaker arrays are designed to provide reach of mass notification messages outdoors. These loud voice systems produce clear, intelligible signals that are revolutionary. Lencore's loud voice speaker arrays are designed to deliver your external message no matter what the event.

MagnaCast is a directional public address system that is both modular and lightweight. MagnaCast is configurable - allowing the end user to select from other horn configurations to construct a system that delivers the desired output and dispersion when and where it is needed.

OmniCast stands above anything else in its class. This high power speaker array produces a 360 degree signal that is crystal clear in both voice and tone. OmniCast produces a musicality that makes it ideal for applications where you need one speaker to provide all of your audio needs.

Lencore's loud voice speaker arrays are lightweight - which takes labor cost out of installation. Moreover, they are extremely durable. MagnaCast and OmniCast speakers were designed with Hyperspike Technology - the same type of technology used by the Department of Defense!

MagnaCast Data Sheet

OmniCast Data Sheet

Loud Voice Speaker Array Overview: MagnaCast and OmniCast