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Lencore's n.FORM Mass Notification System

A well designed MNEC solution will ensure that all intended audiences are well informed and directed to safety through any and all means possible.


n.FORM Mass Notification System Overview

This demonstration explains the key criteria necessary for a mass notification system as well as gives an overview of the capabilities available through the n.FORM system. 


Key Criteria and Design Considerations for MNEC Systems

This tutorial will take you through the four key criteria of Reach, Clarity, Redundancy and Reporting when designing an MNEC system.


Loud Voice Speaker Array Overview: MagnaCast and OmniCast

Lencore is excited to introduce two new Loud Voice speakers that extend our reach to outdoor geographic areas while still delivering a crisp, clear, intelligible message.


NFPA 72 Changes in 2010 Code

This tutorial will take you through the recent changes in the code and their implications on the code body, new standards as part of the 2010 code change and the impact they have on designing MNEC systems.


Lencore's n.Formant Software for n.FORM

This video describes the capabilities of Lencore's innovative mass notification engineering tool for the n.FORM system. The software is called n.Formant and it speeds information to intelligence by quickly gathering information for entire building systems.


n.FORM Operating Platform 

The heart of the n.FORMTM engineered system solution for Mass


Notification and Emergency Communications (MNEC) is the Operating Platform, the primary sound source that produces, equalizes and distributes the sound for masking, music and paging. 

n.FORM OP Data Sheet


n.FORM OP Installation




Whether part of a sound masking solution or integrated into a mass notification system, Lencore's speakers install in similar fashion. Although their orientation may alter slightly, the speaker produces an audible signal to create productivity, comfort and safety for employees.

i.Net Speaker Data Sheet

n.FORM Speaker Data Sheet


Speaker Installation



Trouble Shooting

The majority of Lencore's trouble shooting efforts start with testing the cables. Following is a quick review of cable testing for Lencore systems.



Trouble Shooting